Main benefits of being an exhibitor at a trade fair

  • Main benefits of being an exhibitor at a trade fair
Being an exhibitor at a trade fair is a very valuable option for those who want to expand their business, nationally or internationally, there are several benefits that you should consider.
Before moving on to the advantages of having an exhibitor booth at a trade fair, we thought that it would be good to first explore the concept of this kind of event.

What is a trade fair?

A trade fair is an event created for companies in specific sectors to exhibit their new products or services. They can be aimed for the general public or open only to professionals in a particular sector. Given their location and the sector in question, trade fairs can attract thousands of visitors every year, looking for new solutions for their business. There are many alternatives for any kind of business you want to make. There are fairs focused on the resale of products or services, while others are more focused on the purchase of services or products to be consumed by companies. However, there are also fairs aimed at buying and selling products for consumption by the final consumer.

There are thousands of trade fairs around the world, however, the scope you want for your business is up to you. You can always exhibit at regional or national fairs. If your goal is to internationalize your products or services, you always have the option of exhibiting at major international fairs in your sector.

Main advantages of exhibiting at a trade fair
Having an exhibitor booth at a professional fair has many advantages for your business, and that's why we decided to highlight some that we consider most important.

1. Enter or strengthen presence in a given market
This is one of the main reasons why companies seek to exhibit at an international trade fair. If your goal is to conquer new markets or strengthen your presence in the international market, this is one of the best ways to make your products or services known. Whether in the area of industry, textiles, footwear, health or tourism (among others) you have, in these events, the opportunity to expand your business.

2. Increase sales
One of the main goals that any company has in mind when participating in events of this type is, ultimately, to increase sales, get more orders and customers.

3. Thousands of opportunities to “grab” potential customers
Thousands of visitors participate in national and international fairs that take place every year. Each of these visitors has, in their minds, a goal to fulfill, whether it's market prospecting, shopping or just keeping up with the news in the sector, each visitor is a potential customer, so you should try to get their attention. Having a dynamic and creative exhibitor booth is a great way to differentiate yourself from other competitors at the fair of your sector. 

4. Promote your new products or services
In this type of events, you have the opportunity not only to make your new products and services known, but also to test them, understanding the public's reaction.

5. Increase the customer base
We know that being in person with potential customers is very different from being in contact over the phone or the internet. At a trade fair you have the opportunity to meet people, whether potential customers, suppliers, sales representatives, etc., you can increase your network of contacts and at the same time increase your customers base.

6. Brand Awareness
At a trade show, you have the opportunity to increase the reach and awareness of your brand. With an attractive and well-built exhibitor booth, you have the gateway to the success of your action at an event of this type. Be creative!

Taking part of a professional event brings many advantages, however we know that this entails extra costs for your marketing budget. Despite this, if you plan your strategy well and invest in memorable exposure, we're sure you'll get a very profitable return.

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