Step-By-Step On The Path To Sustainability In Booth Production

At SPORMEX we are able to minimize the impact on the environment during the production/assembly of any stand. Why? Find out here!

  • Step-By-Step On The Path To Sustainability In Booth Production
The concern for preserving the environment and future generations is an urgent matter. At SPORMEX, we strive every day to do our part in this regard by adopting more sustainable options and strategies in the development of various projects. In our field of expertise, there are numerous decisions to be made, always with an emphasis on the quality of our structures and a keen awareness of our clients' needs and goals. 

Before delving into this subject, it's important to note that there is a clear distinction in the choice between bespoke design stands and modular/aluminium stands. A bespoke design stand, crafted in carpentry, incurs higher material and labour costs, takes longer to produce, and occupies more space during transportation. On the other hand, a modular stand optimises material usage, has a shorter production time, and takes up less volume during transportation. Nevertheless, regardless of the choice, at SPORMEX, we can always minimize the environmental impact in the production and assembly of any booth. Why? Discover more below.

Minimizing Impact in the Booth Creation Process

As previously mentioned, whether in the realm of events or any other field, it is possible to take measures to improve production processes with a focus on promoting sustainability. At SPORMEX, we make a difference by implementing various strategies, including:

Material Reuse
Reusing booth materials requires careful attention during disassembly and transportation. Subsequently, in our warehouse, each piece undergoes quality verification and is then stored. When creating a new booth, we assess which pieces can be adapted to the new design, refurbish them, and reuse them without compromising the quality of the final result.

Booth Reuse
Many companies choose to participate in several industry events throughout the year. One option often selected is to retain parts of the booth or even use the same booth at all events. Generally, a booth's lifespan ranges from 3 to 4 uses per year, depending on the materials used and the distances travelled, as transportation of such materials can lead to some wear and tear, which is subsequently minimized by our teams.

Use of Environmentally Friendly Materials
The material choices we make can be more environmentally sustainable without sacrificing quality. We propose the use of sustainable materials in booth construction and decoration, including LED lighting and materials such as OSB, plywood, particleboard, cork, plants, among others.

Small Changes, Big Impact
One of the major changes implemented at SPORMEX was the adoption of renewable energy throughout the production process. Installing solar panels at our facilities was a significant step towards decarbonizing the industry. The importance we attach to this process is growing, as we have it on our agenda to develop new strategies annually to help us achieve long-term sustainability goals.

During disassembly, some materials may not be suitable for renewal or reuse; thus, they are separated and sent for recycling.

In-House Furniture Renewal and Restoration
When we talk about reusability, we also refer to furniture, a crucial part of a booth. Ensuring the comfort of your visitors is a task that should not be overlooked. In addition to designing, producing, and assembling booths, we also offer furniture rental services for events. Rental furniture is used repeatedly, which can lead to wear and tear. However, quality is paramount to us. We regularly update our stock and have a team dedicated to cleaning and restoring furniture and upholstery, making this process more environmentally friendly.

Electric Mobility
One of our top priorities is gradually introducing electric or hybrid vehicles for our travels. Step by step, within the possibilities and limitations of this type of transportation, one of our goals is to have a more sustainable fleet for an even cleaner process, something already happening in-house.

By choosing to work with us, you not only ensure a booth of superior quality that meets your needs and objectives but also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your part to protect the planet and build a more sustainable future for future generations. We believe this is the right choice for companies that value not only their current success but also the future of our planet.