Checklist: Main tasks to perform before the opening of a fair

Will you participate in a fair? Use this checklist to don't forget the main tasks you must perform before the fair opens.

  • Checklist: Main tasks to perform before the opening of a fair
We know that in order to participate in a fair, you need to know how to organize yourself so that nothing fails at the event. For this reason, we decided to create a checklist with the main tasks that you must perform before the opening of a fair.

• Define goals and targets
When making the decision to participate in a trade fair, you should set clear, achievable and measurable goals and targets. This step is important because, at the end, you'll be able to analyse the results and see if the goals were achieved.

• Read the exhibitor’s manual
Usually, the organization of the fair provides a manual for the exhibitors. In this manual you have access to the rules, fair settings and relevant information that you must take into account for all the steps that are presented below.

• Define the budget
How much do you want to spend on this marketing strategy? Define the values taking into account the expenses with the exhibitor booth, travel and accommodation, gifts, meals, etc.

• Define the company who will design, create and assemble the exhibitor booth
You have a blank space at your disposal. What do you intend to do with it? Get together with your team and outline the main physical characteristics that cannot be missing in your booth.
What image do you want to convey for your company? Have in mind that the exhibitor booth is your showcase, don't neglect a good design, be creative. Innovate.

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• Prepare the team who will be at the booth
Choose the right people to represent your company. Show them the goals you have set, and provide the tools necessary to do a good job. Establish schedules and warn that it's always necessary to be someone at the exhibitor booth. Show them the importance of having a good attitude and enthusiasm of your products and services.

• Book flights and accommodation
After defining the team that will represent your company at the event, you must book the flights and accommodation for your team.

• Prepare promotional materials for products and services
When a visitor passes by your booth, you must have merchandising and gifts available, as well as all the important information about your services and products. Offer a catalogue, brochures or flyers. This way you'll make sure that the potential customer doesn't forget the name of your brand.

• Define the main attractions of your booth
Attracting visitors it's not an easy task, in the middle of dozens or hundreds of exhibitors. Prepare activities and games, offer prizes to capture your audience's attention.

• Share your participation in the event
Before the event, you must announce your presence at the fair on social media and on your website. It's important that your customers know you'll be there. Send a creative email, communicate in local and international media or in magazines of your niche market.

These are the main tasks that you should consider after making the decision that you are going to participate in a trade fair. Take the opportunity to read the article “How to choose the fairs in which your company should participate. Answer these 3 questions!”.