Checklist: 5 actions to take after the end of a fair

After the end of the event, there are some actions that you must perform. Discover which ones.

  • Checklist: 5 actions to take after the end of a fair
After the end of the fair, everything is going to get back to normal in your company. Despite this, the strategy isn’t finished yet. In this phase, it’s important to evaluate the success of this marketing strategy, and to consolidate all the actions carried out in the event.

In the end of the fair, it’s possible to understand what actions were well executed, what didn’t work, and what could be improved.

As this is a central part of the entire strategy, we considered relevant to address the 5 main actions to be carried out after the end of the event. In this article, you’ll find our main recommendations to analyse and evaluate the success of a fair.

1. Hold a general meeting about the main events of the fair

After the event, collect all the information and prepare a meeting about the participation in the fair. Bring together all the people involved in the fair and the representatives of your booth. Then, discuss the following questions:

- Did you achieved the goals you’ve established? 
- Did your communication work? Did the message get through? What can you improve in your communication?
- What were the main results (significant leads, number of visitors, etc.)?
- What was the general evaluation of the action?

2. Build a database of your visitors

Organize all the information you collected at your booth. Create a database of all contacts, emphasizing the hot leads.
This action is crucial for the following phases, namely for the relationship development with those contacts.

3. Follow up the leads you've reached

As soon as you have your contacts organized in a database, send an e-mail to all of them thanking them for the visit at your booth. Take the opportunity and make an invitation to a seminar, a visit to your facilities or a personalized presentation of the latest news of your business. Emphasize the limited time you had at the fair and demonstrate the importance of having a calmer and more focused conversation.

It's important to maintain a regular contact with the leads obtained at the event. Make targeted ads, send newsletters, make invitations to other events. Keep the communication active and turn a potential customer into a regular one.

4. Make a press release

There are companies that choose to just make an announcement of their participation before the event starts, however it’s important to share your feedback after the end of a fair.

Type an interesting message. Remember you are talking to people, so you need to communicate in a human perspective. Don't focus just on the numbers, as this type of communication can get a bit boring.
Have you renewed your relationship with an old customer? Was there a special or unusual event at your exhibitor booth? Share it.

5. Prepare your participation in the next fair

In the aftermath of a fair, all emotions are fresh in your memory, so it's good to start planning the next event right away. 
At this stage, you know what you could’ve done or what you could have avoided. Draw the main outlines of the next action, and think about the mistakes made at the last fair.

Remember, there is nothing so good that can’t be improved.